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  1. GCB & Ceriani Steering Dampers – Various lengths for custom applications
    These 16 position adjustable steering dampers were used for fitment and testing purposes and are fully functional, but not cosmetically perfect. Damper body diameter is 25mm, so we have various damper body clamps available that will fit these dampers.

    The overall lengths and shaft travel are as follows:
    Red damper 15.25” OAL, 4.75” travel
    Blue damper 15.25” OAL, 4.75” travel
    Black damper(s) 15.1” OAL, 4.75” travel / 16.5” OAL, 5.25” travel / 18” OAL, 4.75” travel
    $115.00 each

    IMPORTANT NOTE: We have a few spare parts for these dampers, but the quantities and selection is very limited.

  2. Stock 883 Take-off Cylinders and Pistons
    From our 2007 XL883 with less than 1500 miles from new. No broken or dented fins, these stock pistons and cylinders are in excellent condition.

    $250.00 $150.00 for the pair

  3. Storz 49mm Raked Trees, Chrome
    These are the billet CNC machined trees we use with our 49mm Storz/Ceriani fork legs, but they will accept any 49mm diameter fork leg. They are drilled and tapped to accept the circular internal fork stop plates or post style fork stops. Perfect for custom builds where use of a raked tree is desirable to reduce excessive trail. T-stem not included.

    HD49.73WC   7 degree, chrome   $195 (reg.$785)

  4. Storz 49mm Raked Trees, Machine Finish Only
    These are brand new parts that have finished the machining process but have not been polished, plated or anodized. They are drilled and tapped to accept circular internal fork stop plates or post style fork stop. T-stem is not included.


    SP-HD49.73NF   7 degree, machined finish   $150 (reg.$465)

  5. Top Mount Steering Damper Kits

    Any Top Mount Kit   $240 (reg. $430) shipping not included

  6. OEM H-D Front Fenders
    These are new OEM H-D front fenders (not cheapo reproductions) that have been used only for photo, test fit, and display purposes over the years. They all have some type of noticeable scratches in them, but are otherwise in good condition with no dents. They are priced at less than half of original retail price.

    Wide Glide fender (black) $45.00
    Wide Glide Fender (red/silver) $65.00

  7. GCB 43mm Ceriani Lower Fork Legs
    A pair of NOS (new old stock) replacement fork legs for the Conventional type 43mm GCB Ceriani forks that we sold in the mid 90's. We also have replacement oil seals and fork bushing kits for these forks.

    $250.00 / pair

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