Storz Performance has developed a new line of Café Racer style accessories for use on 2004 to current model Harley–Davidson Sportsters. A new show bike, the Storz SP1200RR, has been constructed to serve as a rolling display case for these items. A hand formed aluminum gas tank and road race style fiberglass tail section with custom Saddlemen seat pads creates the basis for the look. Specially modified clip-on handlebars by Driven are mounted to the Storz/ Ceriani 55mm Inverted fork tubes above the top triple clamp. Ohlins rear shocks with adjustments for compression & rebound damping, spring preload, and overall length, complete the suspension package.

The donor bike for this project was a low mileage 2007 model 883 Sportster, but installation of a Wiseco piston kit increased the displacement to the 1200cc level. A BUB / Storz 2:2 high pipe exhaust and a Performance Machine air cleaner handle the breathing chores on this fuel injected bike.

The bike rolls on 18" wheels, front and rear, with Metzeler tires, Galfer Floating Wave Brake Rotors, and Performance Machine brake calipers. A Storz billet rear set footpeg kit, Barnett custom cables, PM hand controls, and a Storz/Ceriani Steering Damper keep things under control. Pearlescent paintwork done by Vintage Restorations, Oxnard, Ca.



P/N Description Retail Price
AT-1200RR Alloy Gas Tank, 2004-06 $1250.00
AT-1207RR Alloy Gas Tank, 2007 + 1295.00
FGL-300 Fiberglass Tail Section w/ Seat Pads 495.00
ML-351-04 Tail Lamp and Seat Mount Kit 169.00
IF-255 Plastic Inner Fender 56.50
HD144 Ohlins Shock Set, 14 1/8" 1500.00
HD255B.3334-DSB Storz/Ceriani 55mm Inv. Fork Legs $1865.00
HD255.03-PB Mid Triple Trees, polished black 785.00
HLB4354 Headlamp Adaptor Bracket 32.00
DCLO-55BK1 Billet Clip-on Bars, 1" diameter 315.00
19248 Wheel Spacer Kit 48.00
08837 Front Brake Line Kit 178.00
FW1835-B Front Wheel, 18 x 3.5" polished black $1050.00
RW1855-B Rear Wheel, 18 x 5.5" polished black 1185.00
ME880F Metzeler Front Tire 130/70-18 (ref.only) ------------
ME880R Metzeler Rear Tire 180/55-18 (ref.only) ------------
1200WT Chain Drive Kit (for 520 size chain) 340.00
GF680F Galfer Wave Brake Disc 11.5 dia. (X3) 320.00
HD083-04 Billet Rearset Footpeg Kit $728.00
08845 Rear Brake Line Kit 155.00
HD883-R Steering Damper Kit 420.00
KSB-88312-B BUB/Storz Exhaust, black 1045.00
0053-2919-BM PM Brake Caliper 137x4B LT Front $449.95
0053-2920-BM PM Brake Caliper 137x4B RT Front 449.95
1293-0052-B PM Rear Brake Disc Kit 549.95
0063-2023-B PM Billet Handgrip Set 119.95
0063-2002-B PM Throttle Housing 89.95
0062-2035-B PM Switch Assembly, 3 Button LT 229.95
0062-2032-B PM Switch Assembly, 3 Button RT 229.95
0062-2910-BM PM Handmaster Cylinder 11/16" 369.95
0062-2030-B PM Clutch Perch 269.95
011-0500MP-B PM Spacer for Clutch Perch 20.00
0062-2612-B PM Brake Light Switch Assembly 49.95
0206-2008-B PM Air Cleaner Assembly, black 344.95
Please call for estimates on complete bike builds.

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